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Why I Volunteer: Belief in the Mission

William Milam is a member of Westminster Presbyterian Church in Knoxville, TN. He is a Clean Water U graduate in Water Project Management (101). William currently serves as the Living Waters for the World (LWW) Network Moderator for the Dominican Republic.

William with 103-trained water system operators in the Dominican Republic

Q: How did you first get involved with Living Waters for the World (LWW)?

Wil Howie, the founder of LWW, spoke at our Presbytery meeting. Our church delegate came back and told me that we should attend Clean Water U (CWU) and see what happens. We attended CWU in 2007, and the journey has continued since then.

Q: Why have you stayed involved?

I strongly believe in the mission and feel very supported by the relationships I have.

Q: In what roles do you volunteer and why did you choose to take on these responsibilities?

I serve as the Dominican Republic (DR) Network Moderator. Wil Howie asked me to be the DR coordinator before there was even a network. A year or so later, I was asked to take what Joanie Lukins, past moderator for the Yucatan Network, had done in the Yucatan, and work to form a network in the DR.

Q: How has your involvement with LWW impacted your life?

I have met many incredible people and done things I did not believe I could do. LWW has helped me live my faith and follow my Matthew 25 “theology”.

Q: What’s an experience or story from your time with LWW that stands out as one of the more meaningful?

During our first trip, there was a young girl in the home of our host family. She is now a mother and her child, Elvin (below with me), is healthier due in part to clean water.

Q: When you’re not volunteering for LWW, where are we likely to find you and what would we find you doing?

I am an engineer and mostly work at a lab bench and on a computer. I design electronic instruments. Away from work, I like to hike in the Smokies, the Cumberland Plateau, etc.

Q: Anything else you want to share with us?

My wife and I are foster parents and our house is full of love and controlled chaos.



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