Imagine the Unimaginable

The last time I traveled by plane was during the week of March 9-13, 2020. It was also during that week that the world changed. Two fellow team leaders and I were traveling to Honduras to visit two of our operating partners with hopes to continue our efforts to strengthen their leadership and daily operations. As we neared the day of our departure for Honduras, there had been rumors for a couple of months about a new virus that began in China and was popping up in other countries. It’s hard to remember our perception of COVID in “the before times,” as I’ve heard it called, but I remember having a conversation with my wife about how we felt about me traveling. So much was as yet unknown and we felt that with the proper precautions we would be fine.

Indeed, we were fine but the world we had left was not the same one by the time we returned. During the course of our time in Honduras, we were without cell signal each day until we returned to where we were s