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First In-Country Initiating Partner Installs System in Haiti

Living Waters for the World (LWW) works to enable our partners in-country to do wonderful things with water and we are seeing in-country Initiating Partners (IPs) emerge to further the LWW ministry to the benefit of their brothers and sisters who lack access to safe purified water. The most recent example of this has been in Haiti. Read on to hear from the IP himself, Brother Olizard Pranius, and learn about an exciting new phase for LWW in Haiti!

Brother Olizard (left), Dr. Yanne (center), and Father Petit-Homme (right) standing with school children in front of the new water building in Maniche Cayes, Haiti.

We have been an Initiating Partner (IP) in Haiti for 18 months now and are proud to present our first water installation system in Maniche Cayes, Haiti. Maniche is a community in the mountains located between Cayes and Mirogane. There is no easy way to get there and the installation was even harder because our trucks could not cross the river as Hurricane Sally had just left and the river was deep and wide. Father Petit-Homme, our Operating Partner (OP), is an Episcopal priest that has waited patiently for 18 months to get the water system to provide pure water to his school of 400 children and community of about 1,000. The site assessment was over a year ago with all the proper covenants following since then.

Bertone Kercelin (far left), In-Country Technician for the Haiti Network, and Brother Olizard (far right) with the water committee in front of the new water system in Maniche.

Besides not being able to get the trucks all the way there, this is the first install I have done on my own. It was a great experience working with my technicians and without the presence of Holy Spirit Haiti Mission as usual. I was a little afraid but, after taking seriously the responsibility we got it done and I thank God for that. Father Petit-Homme's contribution was building a very nice water building of which he was most proud.

Dr. Yanne, the clinical professional in Haiti that leads the sustainability of the LWW in-country community education pure water program, surrounded by the school children in Maniche.

If I had to repeat this experience again, I would do it without hesitation. I thank the technicians and Dr. Yanne for the wonderful health and hygiene education training. Teamwork and relationships bring all of this work together. I thank Living Waters for the World for training me for this type of responsibility to help my brothers and sisters in need of clean water in Haiti. Also, I want to thank Holy Spirit Haiti Mission for their great financial support.

Let the clean water flow for all God's children!


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