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Where Clean Water Flows

Where are systems

Since 1993, Living Waters for the World has shared clean water with over 1,000 communities across 26 countries.  

How Many

Today the ministry is focused within 11 networked regions.

Living Waters for the World has established eleven international networks in which our volunteer teams work. These networks are central to our commitment to provide clean water for a generation and are comprised of US-based volunteers and local contract staff who come alongside partners through all phases of the water project life-cycle.

Network services are designed to facilitate the development of relationships between mission teams and international partners, develop the capacity of citizens to address water issues in their country, and further Living Waters for the World’s ministry by enabling more efficient and effective operations in diverse social, political and ethnic settings.

LWW Networks: 

guiding partners through all phases of a water project

Phase 1

Assessing potential sites

Phase 2

Advising on project plans

Phase 3

Assisting with system and health education implementation

Phase 4

Providing technical support, mentoring partners, supporting health educators and building capacity for self-sustainability

Why Networks
What do they do

Why Networks?

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Why Networks?

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