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Our Core Values

Living Waters for the World is:


  • Relationship Oriented – first and foremost, we work in relationship with water teams, international partners and the communities they serve

  • International Partner Focused – our international partners' interests and objectives are primary

  • Empowerment Oriented – the process of training, equipping and sustaining our partners is designed to encourage, establish and reinforce independence   

  • Volunteer Led LWW's ministry depends upon the leadership and investment of tens of thousands of volunteers 

  • Mission Focused - LWW exists to provide clean, safe water to those in the world who desperately need it and to support the volunteers and communities with whom we have relationships 

  • Network Focused – our International Networks ensure sustainability by providing on-the-ground support for water teams and partner communities alike

Living Waters for the World’s model is based on the belief that

God empowers people of faith to be agents of change, therefore

everyone who feels called to this ministry has a role to play.

How We Work

Volunteers are the heart and soul of Living Waters for the World. Unlike organizations that rely on paid staff to initiate and execute water projects, Living Waters for the World relies on volunteer teams trained by volunteer instructors working within volunteer-led networks.  LWW’s small staff of 3 full-time and 3 part-time employees exists to facilitate the activity and long-term impact of this volunteer force.


Over 2,000 individuals have trained at Clean Water U, and they have engaged an estimated 10,000+ volunteers as members of LWW water teams.  Volunteers have also guided the establishment of international networks, the development of Clean Water U’s curriculum, and much more! 


Volunteers have made LWW what it is today and will play an integral role in ensuring clean water for generation in the communities LWW serves. 

Living Waters for the World (LWW) trains volunteers to establish  and lead water mission teams that partner with communities to implement and operate sustainable water purification systems and health education programs.  

LWW Networks come alongside water teams and partners throughout every phase of a water project.  They provide essential support for sustainable water systems that produce clean water for a generation.

NOTE: LWW does not drill wells or provide other water access solutions. LWW empowers communities to treat available but contaminated water.


for clean water

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