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Vacation Bible School

Water All Around the World

Price: $47

This Vacation Bible School (VBS) Curriculum takes children on a journey to countries where clean water is not readily available and helps them learn about:

  • the value of clean water

  • how children in Haiti, Cuba, Honduras, Ghana, and Mexico struggle for clean water

  • how VBS children can help

Clean Water for all God's Children!

Price: $47

This curriculum is designed to help children understand the importance of clean water for health and how they can take part in sharing clean water with all the children of the world.  It demonstrates:

  • the relationship between health and water

  • how LWW's water purification system works

  • the enormous difference clean water makes in the lives of the people who have been drinking contaminated water


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  • Solid reformed theology. 

  • Mission stories about children to whom our kids could relate.

  • A quality product at a reasonable price.

  • No need to build a Broadway-quality set that detracts from the Biblical message.

  • Songs familiar to the church that the children will hear again in a religious setting.

  • Clear instructions with supplies that are easily available and not branded to the publisher.

  • Emphasis on building relationships with mission partners.

Contributed by Jenny Thagard, DCE 

Executive Director, Living River Retreat

Involve your entire congregation by hosting a Clean Water Sunday

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