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Love God and Love Others

The water committee from Iglesia Centroamericana Lirio de Los Valles, Guatemala, understands the importance of relationship and taking care of a person’s physical need in order to show the love of Christ. Children in their community needed warm clothes so they used the profits from their water system to buy clothes for 70 children.

While handing out warm clothes at the shelter, their education team talked to the children about the importance of using clean water. The team understands how important this vital liquid is for their lives and they want to have healthier children and people.

I spoke with Joselyn de Hernández, the lead educator in the church, about their water system, the warm clothes project, and all that they have been doing in two years to give back to their community, and wanted to share her words.

“Thanks be to God from the donation of the water system and the people, we have now a resource that we can use. During our visit to the shelter we talked about the good practices we need to do to avoid illnesses, and to use clean water.

We felt good to help during this hard time because God was using us to help our neighbors. We are glad that we were able to support our children - here in our community there is a lot of poverty, a great need, and we felt compassion for the children without sweaters or warm clothes for the cold season.

Another recent experience was that we helped senior people - we bought blankets for them, using profits from the water system. They are not Christians but we were giving them blankets as an example of the love of God. At the beginning people had questions about the water and how important it was. But with patience and time, we have reached most of the people in our community and now people from others communities are coming to get water.

Now people have tried the water and they have seen the benefits to have freshly processed clean water. We are producing 140 bottles per day. This is amazing!”

I have been amazed and honored to work with the people from Iglesia Centroamericana Lirio de Los Valles, Guatemala, as they are really following Jesus’ example. They are grateful to God and their Initiating Partner (IP) because they got this precious gift of clean water. They celebrated their second water system anniversary on Feb. 21 and it’s been amazing to witness how many things they have done in just two years.


Rubenia Sanchez de Perez is the In-Country Coordinator for LWW's Guatemala Network.


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