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Water and the Word: Tapestrial

([adjective] tap-es-tree-ul —

exhibiting the characteristics

of a tapestry)

They also took his tunic;

now the tunic was seamless,

woven in one piece from the top. John 19:23b

The last thing taken from Jesus,

before the attempt

to steal his life,

was a seamless tunic.

Imagine yourself, as a thread

in that garment of love.

Without all the other threads,

and without all of us being

woven together

toward a single purpose,

we are nothing.

Picture the artist

who loomed us

into the human community;

together, into a tapestry of hope.

Whatever mission and ministry

to which we are called,

let us live, breathe,

and act together,

in tapestrial fashion,

so the tunic of grace

covers and protects all creation.

© 2022 Todd Jenkins



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