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Water and the Word: Lazy Susan

The woman said to him,

“Sir, you have no bucket,

and the well is deep.

Where do you get

that living water? John 4:11

Susan wasn’t really lazy,

as the name

of her creation implies.

She was, instead,

a woman who realized

that the gifts

that everyone

brings to the table

can be exponentially

more transformative

when everyone, seated

at an ever-expanding

round table

of love and hope,

is enriched by a central circle

that spins to unfold

unlimited access,

so that clean water

is within reach

of all God’s children.

My petition is

to rename her gift.

Let’s call it

the “Everyone’s in, by Susan.”

© 2022 Todd Jenkins


If you want to hear the inspiration for this muse, listen to LWW’s March 2022 podcast.


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