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Why We Give: Mary and Craig Romer

Mary and Craig Romer of Huntsville, Alabama are a wonderful example of how Living Waters for the World is blessed with loyal, thoughtful donors who embody the belief that “together, we go far”. Read below to see why the Romers continue to give.

Q: How did you first come to hear about Living Waters for the World (LWW)?

Craig: We heard a presentation about Living Waters for the World at First Presbyterian Church in Huntsville, AL. Mary immediately felt called to go with a group from the church to the Clean Water U training program in April 2008.

Q: What about Living Waters for the World first drew you in and caused you to want to be a part of this work?

Mary: Craig and I had previously been on mission trips to the Yucatan, Mexico and while attending Clean Water U, our group decided to partner with communities there to help them implement this clean water solution.

Seeing that this ministry used volunteers who developed relationships with a community and made several visits afterwards to check progress, made me aware of how important it was to have ongoing support through these mutually beneficial relationships.

Q: How do you choose the organizations/causes to whom you donate?

We choose organizations that have minimal overhead costs and provide assistance that aligns with what we believe is God’s mission.

Q: You have been loyal donors to Living Waters for the World for many years now. Why do you continue to be a financial partner with LWW?

Not only have we been privileged to go and see this amazing work first-hand, the success rate shows how well it works! Over 70 percent of water filtration systems our team helped install are still operating after five years. The local school and water operations continue to grow and lives are changed. Ours and theirs!

Q: What would you say to someone who is evaluating if Living Waters for the World is something worth investing their time and/or money?

Living Waters for the World has proven to be a very effective method of sharing God’s love and providing such a needed resource - clean water – while developing Christian relationships. A fabulous benefit to all parties. Both here in the USA and throughout the world, Living Waters for the World is a blessing!



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