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Freshwater Coffee and Tea Supports Clean Water

Now there is a way for folks who love good coffee and Living Waters for the World (LWW) to satisfy both interests at once - Freshwater Coffee and Tea! Our new partners will send 33% of the profits from every pound of coffee and box of tea sold to Living Waters for the World.

Cary Hamilton, owner of Freshwater Coffee and Tea, knows coffee and the importance of clean, safe drinking water. Cary has been a volunteer with his church’s LWW water team since a surprising encounter in 2012. One Monday afternoon, Cary and his son Ben showed up at their church, Church of the Redeemer in Snellville, Ga., to pick up a loaf of banana bread to deliver to a recent visitor (a "welcome” tradition). As they walked through the doors, Bobby McNeilly, leader of the church’s LWW team, approached them with great enthusiasm. He explained that he had been planning for the next water mission trip, but the team needed two more people. As he stood praying to God for two people to join the team, they walked through the doors! He told Cary and Ben that the team was ordering plane tickets that day and encouraged them to come along. Cary, moved by Bobby’s enthusiasm and conviction, replied “Sure!” He had wanted to go with the water team for a long time, but there had always been a reason to say no. Saying yes to this unexpected invitation became a life-changing event not only for Cary and Ben, but for their whole family.

Cary Hamilton (left) and missionary Joel Zamorano are pictured with the water purification system at the school in Piedra Blanca, Dominican Republic. This system will serve 200 elementary students and their families.

Cary Hamilton serves cups of clean water that were purified during Clean Water U training.

Cary and his wife Ellie went on to train at Clean Water U, and all three of their sons traveled with the church on water mission trips. Cary worked with the system installation team. Ellie worked with the health education team. Their sons helped with Vacation Bible School. To this day, they remain active on the water team and have participated in several of Church of the Redeemer’s nine water partnerships in the Dominican Republic. Cary and Ellie will draw from those experiences as they lead their church in forming its next water partnership with a community in Costa Rica.

Cary knows coffee because he and his family owned and operated Artisan Restaurant & Coffee Shop in Stone Mountain, Ga., for many years. Cary said, “That is where our love for coffee and good customer service developed.” They had to close the shop in 2012 due to family responsibilities, but, when Cary began to imagine an online retail business, he went back to what he knew and loved--coffee. With the creation of Freshwater Coffee and Tea, Cary found a way to “make a living and make difference at the same time.” By drawing on his past experiences and his passions, he created a business to offer exceptional coffee and tea for an important cause. We encourage you to check out the many coffee and tea options on their website and make a purchase. Not only will you enjoy superb coffee, but you will support clean water for communities around the world.



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