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Volunteer Spotlight: Betty Anne Wilson

Q: Betty Anne, how did you become involved with Living Waters for the World?

A: It was definitely a God thing! I visited with Dr. Gayle Walker, Assoc. Pastor of Idlewild and Clean Water U (CWU) grad, about finding a way to become more involved with missions with a focus on the environment. Without realizing it, I was on a fast track to deep involvement with Living Waters for the World. Within one month, I had attended CWU and been on a fact-finding trip to Ghana under the guidance of Susan and Andy Jordan of Advent Presbyterian. While working on a plan for Idlewild’s involvement on a Ghana installation, I was asked to attend an LWW strategic planning session. Before I knew it, I was the first Development and Awareness Team moderator and moderator of the Ghana water team for Idlewild. When I got bitten by LWW, I was bitten hard. My love for LWW’s work and many friendships continues to grow!

Q: How has involvement with LWW impacted your life?

A: The old adage of I have gotten more out of it then I put in is certainly true. I came to know the wonderful Ghanaian people and the beautiful way they allow their faith is shine in their daily living. I have developed friendships in LWW that I will cherish for the rest of my life. Everyone is always thinking out of the box or pushing the envelope to find new and better ways fulfill the dream that someday everyone will have clean water to drink.

Q: Why have you stayed involved all these years?

A: LWW is a beautiful network of individuals who are drawn together by living out their faith. There is a wonderful and loving respect for for the rich diversity of those who are involved in LWW. My initial acquaintances have become deep genuine friendships over the years. And, there is always room for more people to be welcomed to share in these experiences.

Q: Looking back on Development and Awareness initiatives you have led, which accomplishments do you think have been most important for the ministry?

A: When we started D&A, LWW was mostly dependent on church donations. Having a development and marketing background, I worked with the D&A team to implement the objectives of a true development group by growing base of support to a growing group of individuals and then support from organizations. We had targeted asks including direct mail appeals twice a year to all of our growing base of donors. We developed materials that had a consistent look and graphics which branded LWW and used impactful images to reinforce our mission. All of this needs to to continue to grow so there is more awareness of LWW and how individuals, organizations and companies can easily financially support LWW .

We implemented policies and procedures so LWW volunteers had organizational support for accepting gifts so they could be effectively used to support LWW. One of the most important policies was deciding on a spending formula for the endowment and its use to funding the growing needs of the networks. I am truly delighted we were able to hire Jennifer as our first Director of Development and I appreciate the board’s support.



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