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Good Stewards: Noel and Robert Amason

Noel and Robert Amason are self-described “practical people.” Noel is both a civil engineering and law school graduate, and Robert, now President of Amason & Associates, has been involved in construction since he was 15 years old. They are also generous people who care deeply about using the resources God has given them to help others in lasting and meaningful ways. Recently, Executive Director Steve Young visited with them both to find out why they choose to give to Living Waters for the World.

Noel and Robert Amason

Noel told Steve matter-of-factly, “We are going to be more drawn to give to a charitable organization that is a good steward of their resources.” She continued, “Being able to put our money into a sustainable solution like what Living Waters for the World offers can solve a problem not just now, but for a long time. The people in the community can rely on it and trust it.” Robert added, “I think it's our responsibility as donors to put a lot of thought into where these gifts God has provided are deployed. We've done our due diligence, and Living Waters has continued to prove itself. As you look at the continued success of the water systems, with a high percentage still in operation after several years, we feel confident we are being good stewards.” Noel and Robert were first introduced to Living Waters for the World in 2011 when founder Wil Howie spoke at their church, First Presbyterian Church, Tuscaloosa. Robert remembered, “What really spoke to us was how Living Waters had found a way to inexpensively fill such a huge need in a community. That a simple water treatment system translated into drinking water for thousands of people – it blew us away.”

People line up to get their bottles filled with water at the LWW system in Guines, Cuba

In 2017, Robert and their 10 year-old daughter Olivia traveled to Cuba on an LWW Vision Trip to visit water partners and experience the impact of the ministry firsthand. Robert recalled, “It was eye-opening for us. We can hear it. We can read it. But, until you go live it and experience it, you don’t appreciate how we take clean water for granted. I think a donor would have a hard time finding another avenue to deploy their resources that can touch so many people at such a fundamental level.”

Robert shares a laugh during a visit with partners at the Seventh Day Adventist Church in Pinar del Rio

Noel added that some communities have “strengths and assets they can’t fully realize because of something as fundamental as clean water. Living Waters for the World allows the people in the community to take their community from a place of need and move it into a place where it can thrive.” It’s this emphasis on practical and fundamental solutions that has drawn Noel and Robert Amason to Living Waters for the World and inspired them to bless the lives of others with the gift of clean water.



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