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Water and the Word: Virtual Water

Much of what we see and do

can be created virtually;

but water?

Sprinkled on your skin,

splashed on your face;

can you imagine something

that could artificially recreate

those sensations?

And how ‘bout

quenching your thirst?

I’m still in the skeptic’s corner

on this.

But can we put together

a distanced, electronic version

of Living Water for the World’s

“Clean Water U”

that will help students and teams

navigate the map to jumping

into the sea of mission and ministry

that laps at the beaches

of Clean-Waterlandia?

Have you ever seen what happens

when you challenge a passel

of helium-handed,

hope-hearted water saints?

In my experience,

they get it done.

I hope and pray

your experience

is the same.

© 2020 Todd Jenkins


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