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Water and the Word: Gathering

Here we are, O God,

socially distanced

by a nefarious virus,

yet communally drawn together

by a mysterious thirst

for living water

for our bodies

and our souls.

Here we are, O God,

lifting up

our immuno-compromised

and health-challenged

sisters and brothers,

praying that we do not,

by our carelessness

or our insensitivity,

contribute a greater threat

to their well-being.

Here we are, O God,

gathered in ways

we pray are faithful,

seeking guidance,

both through our medical professionals

and your spirit and truth.

Here we are, O God,

lifting up our anxiety and dread

with open palms,

asking you

to take it from us,

so that our palpitations

are calmed,

our tachycardia,


Here we are, O God,

revealing our deepest

grief and loss,

longing to remain cognizant

of your strong but tender hand

undergirding us through it all.

Here we are, O God,

offering our whole selves —

bodies, minds, and souls —

to the gathering ways

and relationships

of your love.

Here we are, O God,

fully prepared

to part with all

that separates us

from you,

and therefore

also separates us

from our neighbors.

© 2020 Todd Jenkins



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