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Water and the Word: Thirsty Souls

Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled. (Matthew 5:6) We are thirsty souls, O God,

because thirst is your gift to us.

It awakens us to the possibilities

for which you have created us.

May the stories and plans

weaving us together form us

into a tapestry of grace for your creation.

O Lord of spring, well, lake,

river, cistern, and sea, we pray

you would heighten our perception

of the gifts you have poured out upon us,

individually and collectively, so we might

sense our corporate and personal charge

within your plan and purpose

in the particular time and place

where we find ourselves.

Give us wisdom, courage, compassion,

and humility, so we might strive

to be nothing less and nothing more

than your ambassadors of hope,

sharing clean water for all God's children;

through Jesus Christ, who is

Agua viva para nuestros cuerpos y almas

Living Water for our bodies and souls. Amen.

© 2019 Todd Jenkins



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