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Hirsch Pipe & Supply Product Benefits LWW

To many people, plumbing issues may feel like a necessary nuisance. But to some, taking care of the plumbing needs of the nation feels like a calling. Bill Glockner, president and CEO of Hirsch Pipe & Supply Co., is one such person. Led by this sense of purpose, Bill created a unique partnership between the company and Living Waters for the World (LWW).

Dennis DeBlock, VP of Sales for Aquasana, introduced Bill to LWW in 2016. Dennis had served on LWW's board of directors (2015 - present) and participated in LWW water partnerships in Honduras. He was, and is, a strong advocate for partnerships between plumbing supply companies and LWW. When Dennis told Bill about LWW at an industry conference, Bill responded with annual gifts from the company. Then, last year, Bill decided to try something different. He teamed up with Dennis to find a product to sell to meet customer needs and benefit LWW. They chose the Hirsch Advantage Descaling System.

Bill confesses, plumbing can be unglamorous at times, but those in the industry provide an essential service that most of us take for granted. They make our water and waste systems safe. Bill says, “One of the things that’s exciting about supporting Living Waters is that we get to help protect people around the world from life threatening conditions and at the same time reinforce how important plumbing and plumbing systems are in our own country.” Since Hirsch Pipe & Supply Co. launched this product in August of 2018, they have collected $10 per sale for LWW. At the Clean Water Bash in Nashville in October, Bill presented their first donation of $1,150, and that was just the beginning! Sales have been strong, and additional donations will be made throughout 2019. Bill says, “Our customers are excited. The product not only extends the life of their tankless water heater, but it does something positive for world communities.”

Bill Glockner (left) presents a check to Executive Director Steve Young (center) at the Clean Water Bash hosted by Dennis DeBlock (right)

It is true that the communities served by Living Waters for the World will reap the benefits of this partnership, but they are not alone. Bill acknowledges, “This is a wonderful venture to be a part of! Our partnership with Living Waters also helps us reflect on how fortunate we are to be in this industry.”

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