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Water and the Word: Clean Water U 59

Clean Water U 59

“I will extol you, my God and King,

and bless your name forever and ever.”

(Psalm 145:1)

Creator God, when we,

with awe and wonder,

consider all the love

your heart has spun:

with lightning’s flash,

powerful peal of thunder;

our petty fears

and worries come undone.

Then sing our souls,

our savior God we praise,

how great you are,

how great you are.

Surrounded by

the sound of water flowing,

your grace’s crispness

floating in the air,

our anxious hearts

are filled with hope and peace;

we recognize

your people everywhere.

Send us, O Lord,

to all your thirsty children,

that we might learn

our purpose in the world.

Open our ears,

unfold compassion

in our souls,

so we reflect

your grand design.

So let it be whispered;

so let it be lived;

through Jesus Christ Our Lord.


© 2018 Todd Jenkins


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