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Water and the Word: Wilderness Road

Wilderness Road

Acts 8:26 Then an angel

of the Lord said to Philip,

“Get up and go toward the south

to the road that goes down

from Jerusalem to Gaza.”

(This is a wilderness road.)

God, you plan the intersecting paths

of disparate travelers on remote highways;

you open minds wide to imagine ways

to do things never thought of before;

you plant visions of combining

technologies and components

into newly dreamed configurations;

you give us the water of life

and a thirst to see it flow everywhere;

you weave a broad and deep tapestry

of life that never ceases to amaze us.

Give us ears to hear, eyes to see,

minds to grasp, hands and feet to serve;

most of all, give us hearts to hold,

so we might continue along the warp and woof

of your life-giving dreams.

© 2018 Todd Jenkins


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