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Monthly Donors Keep Clean Water Flowing

Kathy and Jerry at an installation in Shemallie, Haiti.

Kathy and Jerry Vaughan have been helping clean water flow since 2006 through their extraordinary dedication and generosity to Living Waters for the World. They serve in just about every volunteer role that exists (see the list at the end – it is impressive!), and they give generously of their resources as monthly donors. They made the switch to monthly donations in early 2016, because as Jerry put it, “It comes out automatically. You don’t have to wonder, ‘Did I send it?’” Kathy continued, “It’s a whole lot more convenient for us. We would encourage others to think about monthly giving too because it makes it much easier for Living Waters to project a budget for the coming year.”

Encouraging others to think about ways to help Living Waters for the World is what Kathy and Jerry do best. They are the face of LWW at conventions across the country, having logged countless miles towing the water system display and promoting LWW to churches, denominations, groups, and individuals. When not at conventions, Kathy and Jerry can be seen at Clean Water U as an Admin and 103 instructor respectively. And, just a few weeks ago, they were with partners in Haiti helping share clean water with the community of Shemallie.

In Shemallie, Kathy and Jerry joined a team organized by Bill Mendenhall of Fondren Presbyterian Church of Jackson, Mississippi and marked participation in their 6th LWW system installation for Jerry and 3rd for Kathy. After spending four days training community members to install and operate their water purification system and health program, Kathy recalled driving away to the sight of a line of people at the water building and more coming from all directions carrying empty jugs. Witnessing the immediate demand for clean water from a new system is the kind of experience that drives volunteers like the Vaughans to do as much as possible with LWW.

Experiences like this also reinforce the value of their investment in LWW. Their monthly gifts will help keep clean water flowing for the people of Shemallie and for many others served by a Living Waters for the World system.

Donna Houston, Kathy and Jerry at the installation in Shemallie, Haiti.

Whether inviting others to get involved, supporting the ministry financially, or sharing clean water with new communities, Kathy and Jerry Vaughan demonstrate their love for the mission of Living Waters for the World time and time again. Kathy explained her reason for getting involved and staying involved as “being able to help people.” She said, “We take so much for granted. There are so many people in the world who lack access to running water – and clean water.” For Jerry, it’s also pretty simple, “Every time we do something with Living Waters we get back more than we give.”

Volunteer Roles:

Kathy: Clean Water U Administrator, 102 trained water team member, LWW Development and Awareness Team member, conference booth organizer and attendant, speaker to Presbyterian Women groups, LWW necklace project coordinator.

Jerry: Clean Water U 103 instructor, 103 trained water team member, LWW Development and Awareness Team member, conference booth attendant, Hopewell work weekend organizer and special project builder, and “jack of all trades.”


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