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Chuck and Shirley Simpson are Blessing Others as They are Blessed

When thinking back to the moment she first heard of Living Waters for the World, Shirley Simpson recalls a presentation by Wil Howie at Broadmoor Presbyterian Church in Jackson, Mississippi. If you have ever heard Living Waters for the World founder Wil Howie speak, you’ve likely never forgotten it. He has a way of touching people’s hearts with the true sense that they can change lives through clean water. For Chuck and Shirley Simpson, of Miramar Beach, Florida, that’s precisely what happened.

It was during the early years of Living Waters for the World’s development when they heard Wil speak at their church. Shirley recalled, “We felt it was a God given opportunity to meet a need with full confidence that our money would be handled wisely. We began with fairly modest gifts but as our own lives were blessed by God, we increased our support.” Over the years, Living Waters for the World grew significantly and the Simpson's gifts helped fuel its expansion, reaching more communities with clean water.

Shirley said, “We believe in Living Waters for the World and in the work that you do. You give Chuck and me the opportunity to fulfill the commandment of Jesus – ‘to give a cup of cold water in His name’ – and we are grateful that because of Living Waters, the cup is filled with pure, health-giving water.”

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