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Water and the Word: Gifting


She was a woman of modest means,

not so much because she couldn’t

have succeeded in a vocation

with greater remuneration,

but because she chose

to do what she loved.

Through the inevitable cycle

of the circle of life,

her parents had both recently

joined the church triumphant,

and the probation of their estate

had left her a sum of money

which would have taken her

decades to accumulate.

She visited me, her pastor,

sporting a wide smile,

glowing with the possibilities

of what this money could do

for the mission of the church.

It took a few conversations

and committee meetings to find

a match between gift and need.

Finally came the day

when she arrived

with check in hand.

When all was said and done,

she turned to leave.

These were her parting words,

“I never feel so rich

as when I give

something away!”

That’s the day I began

to more fully understand

the richness of gifting.

© 2017 Todd Jenkins

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