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Happy Anniversary, Three Kings!

If we ever have the feeling that we, the Initiating Partners, are the only ones concerned about sustainability of our water systems, we need only to hear stories like this:

The small village of Tres Reyes (Three Kings) in the Yucatan Network recently had a party to celebrate three years of successful operation and expansion of the LWW water system in their community. Operator Dany Caamal and his family organized the event, held at Monte Horeb church, where the system lives. People from the community brought food (nothing like a good church pot-luck!), and there was music and laughter all around.

Dany explained that their water plant now provides safe water to the entire community, and to several surrounding communities as well (thanks to a loan from their IP that enabled them to purchase a truck), and their distribution has expanded rapidly. “In fact,” he said, “we are now the sole provider of safe water in this area, so we feel a great responsibility to keep things running smoothly. We hope to purchase a generator to ensure that when storms cause electrical failures lasting for days, we can still deliver this essential need.”

Exterior of Tres Reyes plant

Happy Anniversary, Three Kings, and THANK YOU for partnering with us in this ministry!


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