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Quiet and Faithful Service

For the past 16 years Fulfillment Concepts Inc. (FCI) has been quietly and faithfully supplying Living Waters for the World (LWW) teams with the materials they need to perform their ministry around the world. And that is indicative of how Ralph Hall, a former partner and owner of FCI, and Amy Hartell, LWW’s account manager at FCI, approach their call to be part of this ministry. They tirelessly provide LWW and water teams with excellent service without a lot of hype or fanfare - Ralph up until his retirement and Amy still today.

Photo: Amy Hartell, LWW Account Manager, and Ralph Hall, FCI Owner (ret.) at FCI.

This spring, FCI processed its 10,000th order for LWW – that’s a lot of clean, safe water flowing! This milestone represents tremendous effort coordinating vendors, managing inventory, and moving materials to water teams, and FCI manages these complexities in such a way that most of us probably take it for granted.

The relationship (it’s both business and friendship) between FCI and LWW started humbly with a simple conversation between Wil Howie, LWW’s founder, and Ralph Hall during a 2001 trip to Haiti. Wil asked Ralph, "What do you do when you're not working on a water project?" To hear the story told by Ralph or Wil, the heavens didn’t open, there was no flash of lightning, or a momentous life-changing experience that led to the relationship. In fact, if you ask Ralph why he committed FCI’s resources to helping LWW, he might shrug and say Wil stated LWW had a need and he saw a way in which he could make a difference. Then he might quietly add he wasn’t exactly sure what he had committed FCI to doing those years ago.

What many may not realize is the extent to which FCI has embraced the LWW mission. On LWW’s behalf, FCI manages vendor relationships with 21 vendors and a catalog of over 285 items that are used in the promotion of, education about, and implementation of LWW water projects.

The portfolio of services they provide to LWW makes us one of the more complex clients they have – FCI does everything from printing and binding our CWU manuals to mailing LWW’s annual reports, managing parts procurement, hosting our ordering system and providing pick, pack and ship service to teams.

FCI's partnership has enabled Living Waters for the World's ministry to grow and thrive, and we are grateful to Ralph, Amy and all at FCI who go above and beyond to help clean water flow for communities in need.


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