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Clean Water for THIS Generation

In the mid 1990s, a cholera outbreak in the small village of Maya Balam in the Yucatan peninsula of Mexico took the lives of many people, among them the youngest son of Diego Salvador.

So it was no surprise that he was overjoyed to welcome a Living Waters for the World team from Kentucky, who in 2008 installed with his village a water purification system.

Now, nearly a decade later, Diego serves as the chair of Maya Balam's Water Committee. When a group from LWW visited there in March 2017, he expressed his deep gratitude for the life-saving water that they now drink. "It is a comfort to know that my little granddaughter will never have to face the threat of disease and death from contaminated water," he said. Shown here is a picture of Diego and his granddaughter, Natali, enjoying a glass of clean water.

Indeed, little Natali and her generation of children in Maya Balam can now realize their God-given potential, free of the terrible toll that chronic illness takes on developing bodies and brains. Thanks be to God, and thanks to partners like Diego Salvador, who continue to partner with us in this joyful ministry of clean water!


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