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Water and the Word: Hydrate

Deep in the woods,

where human footprints

are likely scarce,

there is a pool of cool,

crystal clear water.

Like an oasis,

animal species

of many kinds

trek there daily

to refresh themselves

in a process science

has taught us

to call hydration.

Have you ever thought

of this word’s root?

Hydra — water.

To me,

it means something like,

“to become one

with the water.”

Wherever you live —

village, town, city, metropolis,

or somewhere in-between —

life is elevated to another level —

your life and your neighbor’s —

when we all find easier

and more healthful ways

to become one with the water.

Hydrate, dear ones, hydrate.

It is our path to hope.

© 2020 Todd Jenkins

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