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Water and the Word: Belize Me

Belize me, I said,

to no one in particular;

and yet it seems

so many listened.

Belize me,

with the raw beauty

of your earth, sky, and sea.

Belize me,

with labor finished

in advance,

faces familiar and new,

hearts tuned

to the pitch of water,

yearning to be pure,

longing to bring life.

Belize me,

with minds open

to learn the ropes

of maintenance,

bottle and hand washing,

safe water handling.

Belize me,

with souls leaning

toward the long path

of sustainability.

Belize me;

Belize us every one!

© 2020 Todd Jenkins


A note from Todd about this post and his most recent trip to Belize: I wrote this on the way down, in the air, between Atlanta & Belize, hopeful that it might come to pass. Thanks to God, Living Waters for the World, an amazing team from First Presbyterian Church Oak Ridge, TN, and the beautifully committed village of San Pablo, Toledo District, Belize, it came true this week.

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