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Portrait of Faithfulness

Herodotus said it in 503 B.C.: "Neither snow, nor rain, nor heat, nor gloom of night, stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds." Sound familiar? The U.S. Postal service borrowed that motto to describe the faithfulness of its mail carriers.

Living Waters for the World can use it to describe the faithfulness of the many, many operators of our water purification systems (though most of them have never even seen snow!). One in particular deserves special recognition: his name is Ignacio Ramon Vazquez Colli. He has operated the water plant in Lerma, Yucatan, Mexico, every day for the 15 years since its installation in 2004.

Ignacio Colli has operated the water system in Lerma, Yucatan Network, for 15 years!

Rising each morning at 4 a.m. in order to walk to Filadelfia Presbyterian Church, where the system is located, Ignacio begins each day by performing quality control checks on every aspect of the system. “I love this water system like it’s my own,” he says with pride! “I like knowing that my work helps people stay healthy – they depend on me to make sure their water is good!”

The water meter on Ignacio’s system recently turned over 3,600,000 gallons! It is a reverse osmosis system, like all in the Yucatan network, so the water is very pure. Ignacio reports that some people have tried water from other distributors in the area, but “they always come back, because mine is better!”

Carlos Arias MacGregor, pastor of Filadelfia church and General Coordinator of the Yucatan Network, says he has complete confidence in Ignacio, and never needs to worry about the water plant or the quality of the water.

“The finest water in Mexico!” declares Ignacio

When asked about the source of his faithfulness, Ignacio says, "God gave me this gift, and I take care of it!” How privileged we are to have operators like this as our partners in ministry! Thank you, Ignacio!


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