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IP Sharing Summit Increases Blessings

The 102 instructors (left to right) Julie Parks, Joanie Lukins, Nancy Russell, and Donna Houston

Everyone who attended the LWW IP Sharing Summit was asked to come with one word that described what LWW meant to each of us. My word was “Blessings.” Two days after the Summit, and a little pondering time later, my word became “BLESSINGS!” Living Waters for the World started through Wil Howie 25 years ago, but it is apparent to me, that God continues to bless this water ministry!

For example, we are BLESSED with an outstanding LWW staff. Small but mighty, they each fill a niche that strengthens the whole. Kendall Cox, Emily Dunbar, and Carie Turner created an awesome atmosphere. Executive Director Steve Young shared inspiring phrases like, “why you do it matters!” and “think about the example you set” and “God brings us back together.” Jeff Wagner nudged us to think about quality over quantity with our water systems and reinforced the validity of LWW’s core documents that undergird the success of water partners. Jennifer Zehnder inspired us to invite others to join with us financially, as well as other ways, by telling them WHY our mission is important, and making it personal and hopeful. (I thought, like the clean water itself, personal and hopeful.)

The IP Sharing Summit was organized by LWW staff members Kendall Cox (left) and Emily Dunbar (right)

In the background, Executive Director Steve Young addresses participants

We not only heard from the LWW staff, but we literally heard Cimorelli, the group of sisters who recently recorded a music video singing, “Thirst for Life,” which was written for Living Waters for the World in 2014. Their video has had over 150,000 views on You Tube. I have it on my playlist and was like a groupie when they strolled into the room to sing it acapella. Beautiful!

Cimorelli sings Thirst for Life

There were over 100 people in attendance, with not only our LWW staff sharing messages, but also many of our stellar volunteers. Each one of them added to the improvement of the water systems and partnerships with “how to” presentations on topics including hosting creative fundraisers, using photos and videos to tell our clean water stories, sharing those stories at church, building and assessing our water teams, and more! The volunteers were wonderful, articulate and so dedicated - it made me feel God’s heart in the room as I looked around. “BLESSINGS!”

Olvin Duron, Honduras Network In-Country Technician and Kasey Potzler, Honduras Network Moderator

One of the sweetest BLESSINGS of all, both at the Sharing Summit and throughout our ministry, are our partners and in-country staff. Olvin Duron, In-country Technician for the Honduras Network, spoke about the Hondurans Helping Hondurans program. My husband Dave and I were privileged to participate in some of their initial installations! In a turn-about from the Partner Conferences for which we send up prayers, we heard from several of our LWW in-country contractors that they were praying for us and wishing us well for our Summit!

This Living Waters for the World ministry is a blessing not only in its striving for clean water for ALL God’s children, but also for all the people who are involved in it. “To love what you do and feel that it matters, how could anything be more fun.”—Katharine Graham. To participate in helping another family to have safe, purified water is an honor. It is fun. It is full of BLESSINGS!

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