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Water and the Word: Poured and Shared

Poured and Shared

In my neck of the woods,

afternoon thundershowers are a staple

on the summertime weather menu.

We plan our lives around them,

either devising a dry plan B,

or umbrella-ing our way

through the downpours.

This afternoon was

just such a day.

I sat and watched the daily special

unfold in the sky

through my office window;

morning's cotton clouds turning

to saturated gray sponges;

invisible drumroll echoing,

with occasional flashes

of lightning's cymbals.

I couldn't help but think

of all the ways I have diplomatic immunity

from the consequences

of these storms,

my possessions and privilege

offering security and shelter beyond reproach.

In the wake of recent earthquakes,

hurricanes, and tropical storms,

I also couldn't help but think

about how many other people,

near and far, have their livelihoods

and lives laid bare

by such tempests.

I pray daily that we'll all have

compassion and courage to let go

of our stranglehold on comfort,

offering who we are

and what we have

to help piece together broken fragments

in all of the places where chaos threatens

to extinguish Hope's candle.

Come, Lord Jesus;

be known by and to us

in the cup of deliverance

poured and shared.

© 2017 Todd Jenkins

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