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Water and the Word: Drawing

With joy you will draw water from the wells of salvation. Isaiah 12:3

The prophet promises

joyful drawing

of salvific water,

and the people wait.

Some wait for the water,

clean and safe,

to be available for them,

their families, and community.

Some wait for the safety

of a vaccine,

so travel restrictions

are eased.

Some plow on,

not with abandon,

but with intensity and purpose.

These who are digging-in

to fresh dirt in ways

unimaginable pre-pandemic,

and all who support their work,

do you know what I call them?

I call them people

of the networks.

I call them saints.

I call them salvation.

Thanks be to God

for all who keep drawing water

and passing it on.

© 2020 Todd Jenkins



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