First Rodeos

The story of Living Waters for the World (LWW) is a series of first rodeos. At first, there was only one team and that team was small but it was mighty, passionate, and tenacious. In ten years, that team worked to install 15 water systems in communities. Good news, but the team got a bit tired, and more than a bit discouraged. Doubts crept in: Maybe they should give up - how were they going to get clean water for all God’s children, making such slow progress? Perhaps they should call it a day and move on to the next thing. But they stayed at the table together and, as often happens in community, the solution revealed itself: Train others to do what the one team had been doing. Clean Water U (CWU), LWW’s training school, was born. That ‘first rodeo’ - training trainers who would then turn around and train others who would then teach their community - was in March of 2004. 36 people came together from across the U.S. They didn’t have much in common beyond the belief that everyone deserves clean water and that we could be part of the solution for making that a reality.