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Water and the Word: I Was Thirsty

Lord, when were we ever NOT thirsty?

It is, after all, a natural human condition.

And if I am thirsty, day after day,

over and over, then my neighbors

are thirsty, too, aren’t they?

When thirst assails me, I usually walk

to the refrigerator or the water cooler,

where a nearly never-ending supply

is readily available for my consumption.

And it’s not just cool and there,

it’s also clean and safe;

all things I tend to take for granted.

I also happen to know, from direct experience,

that many — okay, VERY many —

of the people in the world

don’t have access to safe water like I do.

That’s why I’ve invested my time, energy,

and money in Living Waters for the World;

because doing so gives me opportunities

to make a difference — to place technology,

a plan, and tools, in the hands of local leaders,

giving them power, responsibility, and dignity

to pour into their own community.

Have you ever been thirsty?

“…I was thirsty and you

gave me something to drink…”

(Matthew 25:35b)

© 2018 Todd Jenkins



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