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Partner with Living Waters for the World


Living Waters for the World takes the guesswork out of starting a water ministry.  By partnering with us, you can lead a mission team that empowers international partners to provide clean water for a generation. 

Form Your Water Mission Team

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Train your team leaders at Clean Water U



Empower an international community to install and maintain a water purification system and health education

Support sustainable water production and health education through follow up visits 


Whether you are part of an established mission program or you are brand new to it all

 Living Waters for the World can help you build 

a global water mission with the potential for long-term impact.


Train Your Team


LWW teams have formed within churches and consortium of churches, Sunday School classes, church governing bodies, civic organizations, workplaces and many other communities and organizations in which mission-oriented people take part.

The first step to forming a mission partnership with Living Waters for the World is to send at least three people to Clean Water U for training. 

Clean Water U is a five day, hands-on training program held in Oxford, Mississippi.


Empower International Partners


After training at Clean Water U, water teams covenant with an international partner community for a minimum three-year period.  During this time partners work together to help the community achieve its goal of changing lives through clean water.


Water teams may choose to partner with a new community or an existing site located within one of Living Waters for the World's international networks. Partners work together to install, operate and/or sustain a water purification system and health education program.  


Network teams come alongside partners throughout the planning and implementation phases of their water projects and provide support in the form of site assessments, project guidance, and installation assistance.


Support Sustainability


The installation of a new water purification system and health education program is just the beginning. Achieving self-sustainability takes time and ongoing support from water teams and Living Waters for the World networks.

That's why follow-up visits are built in to the covenant agreement. This gives you the chance to reconnect with your partners and work through questions, difficulties, and opportunities that arise once the system is in operation. Living Waters for the World's  international networks continue to support partners throughout the sustainability phase.

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