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Partner with Living Waters for the World


Frequently Asked Questions

My church already has a mission relationship with a clinic/school/church/etc.  Can we covenant with them for an LWW water project?

You may propose a community with which you have an existing relationship for your LWW partnership. LWW’s in-country team will visit your requested partner to assess their potential for a sustainable water project.  LWW partners are selected for their need as well as their commitment and capacity to serve their community with clean water for the long-term.  


I know of a community that needs a well, does Living Waters for the World train for that?

No.  Living Waters for the World trains teams to work with communities that have available but contaminated water.  Some water teams may independently decide to pay for a well for a community, but LWW, as an organization, does not train for or engage in drilling wells.  LWW trains and supports teams in the installation of water purification systems using a process of micro-filtration and disinfection to make safe water available for consumption.


What’s Clean Water U like?  Do I need to have any special skills?

Clean Water U is a five-day hands-on intensive training experience in the lush, green setting of Hopewell Camp and Conference Center in Oxford, Mississippi.  Clean Water U empowers everyday people from all walks of life to lead and build a water mission team.  No special skills are required, and we believe that all who are called to this ministry have a role to play. To date, over 2,100 volunteers just like you have been trained.

What’s the total cost for a new water team that partners to install a new water system?

The average cost of training a new team and engaging with a partner to install a new system is approximately $45,000.   Click here for a more detailed outline of potential expenses.

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