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Prozone Update: Next Steps

Update: October 30, 2022

As of 10/30/2022 we continue to test units in Purdue University Northwest’s Innovation and Technology Center. The team is focused on ensuring the selected unit has the proper ozone output for the flow rates for the LWW standard system. The challenge the team has been facing is that current ozone technology isn’t geared toward low-flow systems like LWW’s – Prozone’s implementation of ozone injection was almost unique in that its implementation fit the needs for our ability to disinfect drinking water. Our goal remains to have a new ozone generator available for shipment by the end of 2022.



Update: August 30, 2022


Next Steps

Prozone’s closure at the end of July has resulted in LWW having to move to a new supplier for and ozone generator for our Standard Ozone Disinfection system. Our goal is to source a system that will be as “plug and play” ready as possible with the current standard system. A timeline for introducing a replacement for Prozone’s PZ2-4V unit can be broken into two horizons, near-term and long-term.



We visited Prozone immediately after their closure announcement and learned they had no inventory available. This resulted in our decision to take any existing PZ2-4V units we had in inventory at our fulfillment center and break them down into replacement parts with the goal of sustaining existing systems in the field


Because of this, teams will be unable to order standard ozone systems from the fulfillment center until we source a new ozone generator.

Teams will be able to order replacement parts in limited quantities from the fulfillment center beginning September 9, 2022.


During the month of August, we have had conversations with vendors and have identified at least two units we feel could work for LWW.

In September we will evaluate the units’ ability to integrate into the LWW standard system and their efficacy. Initial evaluations are being done in partnership with Purdue University Northwest’s Center for Innovation and Design followed by evaluation and documenting in systems at Camp Hopewell.


Once a new ozone generator is settled on documented, we will negotiate and initial shipment of ozone units to be included in the LWW Standard Ozone Disinfection systems at the fulfillment center. Our target is to have systems shipping again in early 4Q2022.



Longer term, if Prozone does not find a buyer for its patents, and the buyer doesn’t start manufacturing replacement cartridges for the PZ2-4V, partners will have to replace their Prozone units with new ozone generators as systems fail.


Leadership is considering how to best address the issue, especially in light of the fact that some operating partners have been post-covenant for years and may not be in an active relationship with their initiating partners.


A plan and communication will be developed and shared with partners later this year, but for now our focus is on getting a new ozone generator integrated into the LWW standard system and getting them in the hands of teams who have installations planned in the last quarter of 2022 and early 2023.


If you have questions about the Prozone and our path forward, please contact Jeff Wagner, director of operations for LWW (502-432-2315 or





Update: July 30, 2022

Prozone Closure

Prozone, the manufacturer of the ozone generator we use in our standard system, announced they ceased operations on July 29, 2022. We learned about their closure the same as all their clients – via an email – with no advance notice that they were planning to close.

The immediate impact of the announcement is that we have asked FCI to delay filling any new requests for standard ozone systems, individual ozonators, or repair kits while we determine the best course to take. There currently are not plug-and-play solutions available in the market that will allow us to simply swap one manufacturer’s system for another and ship kits.

We are in the process of determining the disposition of any open orders we had with Prozone, what spare parts inventory may be available, and whether they have licensed their patents to another manufacturer.


We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and we appreciate your patience as we navigate through this latest challenge.


Please check back for more information in the coming days. 

Have immediate questions or concerns about Prozone's decision and its impact on LWW's mission?  Please contact Jeff Wagner, LWW Director of Operations, at or at 615-261-4008, Ext 3.

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