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Many employers and companies will match employee gifts or volunteer hours making your generous contributions to Living Waters for the World go even farther.

To find out if your company participates, use the search link below.

(Note:  Many companies have specific guidelines for matching gifts, and those guidelines are often posted on the company's website.)

If your company is listed, it's easy to add their dollars to your gift!


1.  Request or download a matching gift form from your employer and follow its instructions.

2.  If instructed by your company to do so, send your completed form with your gift to Living Waters for the World:

Living Waters for the World

5016 Spedale Ct #399

Spring Hill, TN 37174

Living Waters for the World's Federal Taxpayer ID is 82-2041626

3.  Living Waters for the World will verify the matching gift form and return it to your employer.

4.  Your employer will send the matching gift to Living Waters for the World - and you will have made it possible!

If you have questions, please contact Executive Director Steve Young at 615-261-4008.

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