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We all have heard about and handled IP-OP covenants, but what about Team Covenants? We asked Joanie Lukins, Transylvania Presbytery water team member and CWU 102 instructor, to share her team covenant and why they use them.


“We read this together at our first gathering, and again as we prepare to leave. It sets expectations - people tend to rise to our expectation of them, and the covenant states those clearly. It is really helpful, as it brings to the surface some of the things that can happen BEFORE they happen, so that IF they happen, we can all refer to our covenant, saying things like, "remember, we're not all morning people ..."  or "our covenant said we should slow down when we're tired ..."  The covenant becomes our behavioral guidance, reducing the burden on the team leader(s) to be the heavy. We read the items one at a time, taking turns reading. The last item "We will have fun!" also lightens us up, and gives us permission to really enjoy the experience and one another.”


Several water teams have created a team covenant as a way to get on the same page - an agreement that clearly states how they will act and how they will treat each other and their partners. Take a look at these two team covenant examples, discuss them with your water team, and use them as a starting point to create your own. One team leader shared, "We are and always should be learning how to be better partners. Team covenants are a part of that."

Click here to view the team covenants.

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