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Living Waters for the World in the COVID-19 Crisis

Who would have guessed, through these past 16 years, as our Living Waters for the World (LWW) teams have been out in the world sharing the love of Christ as well as some valuable hardware and health education, that this COVID-19 crisis would prove the relevance of our message about the importance of washing hands!

Today, in countries in both hemispheres, our operating partners are picking up the ball and using our educational materials to remind their communities about the importance of hand washing to protect themselves and their families.

Water committee member Angel Cordos Hoil teaches a lesson on proper hand washing.

Angel Cordos Hoil who lives in San Jose Carpizo, Mexico, recently wrote to tell me how his community’s water purification system and health education lessons are having an impact. He wrote: Hello sister Juanita, A pleasure to greet you. I hope that you are healthy, strong, and happy. I am praying for you. For God to protect you. I am happy to tell you that the purifier is working very well, people buy more water from us every day, those from nearby towns request that we bring them water, but we do not have enough bottles, we are saving to be able to buy more. For the current situation due to the coronavirus, we are teaching classes using your lessons on measures to prevent contagion since hand washing is of great importance. We are educating people on proper hand washing, we do not yet have confirmed cases but we want to educate people how to prevent it. On Friday we will give another class again so that people can learn about prevention measures. We put our trust in God, we pray for you, for your church, God is good.

We have always known that clean water can be life-saving; and these days we are reminded that hand washing is equally important. The two-pronged message of LWW Health Education (“Use Purified Water” and “Wash Your Hands”) is being shared in places where God has led our Living Waters team. How good to know that our partners are benefiting from the resources that LWW has made available. Thanks be to God!


Living Waters for the World (LWW) is a nonprofit that trains volunteers to build partnerships teaching the installation and maintenance of water purification systems and health education programs. Most LWW water purification systems are located outside of the United States in community settings such as civic centers, orphanages, and churches. Volunteers have also partnered with homeowners in rural Appalachia to install home-based systems.

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