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Volunteer Reviews

Living Waters for the World truly is "mission for everyone.” Volunteers come from every Christian denomination, and every walk of life. This is a ministry where ordinary Americans can love their neighbors and tremendously impact the world. 


Shreveport, LA


Leland, MS

When I finally participated in my first Living Waters for the World water system installation I wondered, what took me so long to fully commit? For a lifelong active Christian, it is hard to admit that it took going on a mission trip out of the country for me to fully acknowledge that God really does provide for me daily. It was obvious from the start that God has been active in this endeavor. Somehow, though, it was just more obvious when I was in El Salvador.

When you see all of the small children laughing and talking and playing, coming up to you and thanking you with their small hugs, you can’t put words to what you feel. Knowing that you are helping to give the children health and with that – life, it makes your eyes water. What else is there?


Tupelo, MS


Staunton, VA

I have met the most dedicated, loving, caring, friendly, selfless, helpful people through my work with Living Waters for the World! I often refer to my LWW and Clean Water U friends as my “other family,” and the blessings I have received from knowing them are uncountable. I have never encountered a more dedicated group of people who love life and mankind, and want to give it all to God to help their fellow brothers and sisters in Christ.

Betty Anne

Charleston, SC

The old adage of "I have gotten more out of it then I put in" is certainly true.  Through Living Waters for the World I came to know the wonderful Ghanaian people and the beautiful way they allow their faith to shine in their daily living.  I have developed friendships in LWW that I will cherish for the rest of my life.  Everyone is always thinking out of the box or pushing the envelope to find new and better ways to fulfill the dream that someday everyone will have clean water to drink.

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