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Lives are being changed by clean water from Living Waters for the World (LWW) water purification systems every day. This collection of stories celebrates how communities with an LWW system have triumphed over adversity and gone above and beyond to serve to make a life-changing difference.

Water Sales Provide Food for Families In Need

April 25,  2020

In extraordinary times, people will find extraordinary ways to serve. In Santa Rita de Oriente, Honduras, the community is using profits from the sale of clean water  to buy food for hungry families.

Living Waters for the World empowers communities to install and operate water purification systems that make their contaminated water safe to drink.  When the pandemic struck, this community went above and beyond to care for the neediest among them. They have delivered over 30 care packages and are prepared to give free water to all the people who need it.

Community Meets Increased Demand for Clean Water During Pandemic

March 30,  2020

When the Honduran government shut down travel to slow the spread of COVID-19, the demand for clean water from Living Waters for the World water purification systems sharply increased. In Monte Redondo, Honduras, they had to double the amount of water they purified to fill the gap left when commercial water bottlers could no longer deliver to their village.

The system operators have been working hard to purify enough water to meet the needs of their community.  Thanks to their dedication, people have the clean water they need to protect themselves during this health crisis.

Haitian Community 

Overcomes Adversity to Share Clean Water

January 27,  2020

Violent protests nearly prevented the installation of the water purification system that now serves the community of Carrefour, Haiti.  The violence erupted at the same time a Living Waters for the World mission team from Huntsville, Alabama, was preparing to travel to train the community to install and operate their water system.  The mission team made the hard decision to cancel their trip, but they still found a way to follow through on their commitment. 


They called on Living Waters for the World's in-country staff to take the lead in this unprecedented situation.  Staff members were able to get the remaining parts and train the community to provide life-saving clean water.  The Huntsville team eagerly awaits the opportunity to visit the community and offer their support and congratulations.

Living Waters for the World (LWW) is a nonprofit that trains volunteers to build partnerships teaching the installation and maintenance of water purification systems and health education programs.  Most LWW water purification systems are located outside of the United States in community settings such as civic centers, orphanages, and churches,.  Volunteers  have also partnered with homeowners in rural Appalachia to install  home-based systems.

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