Natural Disasters Update

As of 9.21.17

This week started off with another major hurricane (Maria) impacting the Caribbean and another major earthquake rocking Mexico.  Living Waters for the World has confirmed, with our in-country teams, that all active water systems are functional in Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Haiti and Southern Mexico. As people begin to put their lives back together amidst the devastated landscape and infrastructure, our partners report that their LWW systems are making a difference in the lives of many people.

We have received reports of systems in Haiti and Cuba providing water to people before Hurricane Irma struck; pastors opening their doors to make their churches sanctuaries to people displaced by mandatory evacuation orders as well as flooding; and of systems freely distributing safe, clean water to people in the aftermath of the hurricane.

While LWW does not foresee issuing an appeal to rebuild any water systems due to Hurricane Irma or the earthquakes in Mexico, if you would like to make a contribution to support LWW's in-country networks, such gifts help support our partner communities in times of disaster as well as every day life.

We thank you for your prayers and concern and ask you to continue lifting up in prayer all those who were affected by these recent natural disasters in the Caribbean, Mexico and the United States.

As of 9.12.17

While Haiti and the Dominican Republic were spared direct hits by Hurricane Irma, Cuba was not so lucky. Based on initial reports from Cuba, which are very sporadic at this time, the hurricane has taken a huge toll on the island with major crop  destruction, flooding of coastal areas and buildings being demolished in many areas. Of the areas hit by Hurricane Irma, Cuba will need the most help recovering from the disaster.

Here is what we know:

Dominican Republic and Haiti

  • In-country staff and their families are safe

  • There was widespread wind-damage to structures and crops

  • Initial reports are that LWW water systems were not affected by the storm, other than by power outages. Partners were advised to take down solar panels to mitigate damage (a lesson learned from Hurricane Matthew last year)

  • Systems in northern Haiti were providing free water to residents before and after the hurricane hit and some buildings were used as shelters for local residents



  • In-country staff and their families are safe

  • Extensive wind damage to buildings, crops and critical infrastructure

  • Extensive and severe flooding in Havana and other coastal communities

  • Extensive damage in Matanzas where 80% of trees in the area were uprooted

  • Large areas are without power or municipal water

  • Still assessing the status of water systems across the country


Mexico and Guatemala

  • In-country staff and their families are safe

  • The earthquake caused building and bridge collapses in southern Mexico and land-slides in both southern Mexico and northern Guatemala

  • Partners in affected areas of Mexico and Guatemala have been contacted and water systems are operational

  • Neither the earthquake nor Hurricane Katia impacted our partners on the Yucatan Peninsula


We will continue to be in touch with our in-country teams as they assess the damage sustained and the ability of LWW systems to serve those in need of clean water.  We will be posting the latest news here and on our facebook page.  


If you have information on a partner community in Cuba, Haiti, or Dominican Republic that was impacted by the storm, please contact LWW’s Director of Operations, Jeff Wagner.

As of 9.11.17

Living Waters for the World (LWW) is in contact with our network personnel in Cuba, the Dominican Republic and Haiti. Initial reports over the weekend and this morning are that Cuba bore the brunt of Hurricane Irma, more so than other nations served by LWW water systems.


We have received word from most of our in-country personnel that they and their families are safe. In the coming days they will better understand the extent of damage and the plan for recovery in their respective countries. In many areas, infrastructure was severely impacted by the storm so communication is difficult at best.


The reports that we have received from Cuba reinforce what has been reported on Facebook and in the news – there has been extensive wind damage and flooding in many departments of the country with several deaths and significant loss of agriculture areas.  We are still awaiting word from many of our Operating Partners as to their status.


Haiti and the Dominican Republic avoided a direct hit from the hurricane but still suffered wind damage and coastal flooding. Living Waters for the World water systems there are operational.  


Memorial United Methodist Church in Elizabethtown , KY  received the below message from their partner at  L'Eglise Baptiste Conservatrice Port de Paix, Haiti:

“A big thank you to you and all the team Living Waters, thankfully God has protected us against the storm Irma. Although there are some areas that are devastated by the wind, there is no flooding. All our gardens are completely devastated… but thanks to God there is no loss of human life.

We distributed more than a thousand gallons of water during cyclone preparation, although it is free for the majority of people from two shantytowns; Nan Palan and Nan Djerilon. We received 350 people at our facility which had chosen as temporary shelter and we give them free water.

This is one of the reasons we have given great importance to Living Water, believe us you are very important for Haiti.”

In other areas, the earthquake off the cost of Mexico, near the state of Chiapas, while causing massive destruction, did not impact LWW water systems in southeast Mexico or in areas of Guatemala that felt the quake strongly. Our network personnel there reported they and their families are safe.


Hurricane Katia did not impact any systems in the Yucatan Peninsula.


Living Waters for the World systems will play a key role in the recovery of areas impacted by Hurricane Irma, especially areas that experienced flooding as they can be instrumental in preventing the spread of water-borne diseases. As more information becomes available from our partners we will share it via this web page and on Facebook.

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