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Even while working a full-time career and pursuing a master's degree, Tamara Hayden carves out time to help lead her church's water ministry in Haiti. Read on to find out about the experiences that have inspired her commitment.

February 28, 2019

Bill Reed has been involved with Living Waters for the World since 2003 and volunteers in many ways. Read on to learn how he got involved, what makes him continue to serve, and the impact of LWW on his life.

The experience of being on an LWW water team can be life-changing. Read on for the story of one volunteer from Pennington, New Jersey, whose life was transformed by a partnership in Mexico.

LWW Director of Education Kendall Cox gives thanks for the mentors who have inspired her over the years and played a role in making Clean Water U an experience that quenches one's thirst for community and active faith.

Dan Terpstra is a 101 Instructor at Clean Water U, member of the LWW Education and Field Operations teams, and water team leader for his church. Read on to learn about Dan's "why" - why he chose Living Waters for the World and why he continues to serve.

From a young age, Jean Magee dreamed of serving in the mission field. Her church's Living Waters for the World ministry helped make that dream a reality. Read more to hear how Jean got started and why she stays involved.

We interviewed John Fleming to get the story on how he started volunteering with Living Waters for the World and why he has expanded his involvement over the years.