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Dan Terpstra is a 101 Instructor at Clean Water U, member of the LWW Education and Field Operations teams, and water team leader for his church. Read on to learn about Dan's "why" - why he chose Living Waters for the World and why he continues to serve.

Read on to learn how volunteer Steve Demaree helped launch this growing community of supporters for Living Waters for the World and offered to match new monthly gifts this September!

For the first time, all LWW water teams were invited to gather in Franklin, Tennessee for an IP Sharing Summit on July 27-28. Julie Parks participated as a water team volunteer and 102 instructor. Read on to hear how the experience affected her sense of "blessing...

From a young age, Jean Magee dreamed of serving in the mission field. Her church's Living Waters for the World ministry helped make that dream a reality. Read more to hear how Jean got started and why she stays involved.

Send us, O Lord, to all your thirsty children, that we might learn our purpose in the world. Open our ears, unfold compassion in our souls, so we reflect your grand design.