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In this poem "Creation's Longing," Rev. Todd Jenkins explores a desire for water of high quality and quantity for all God's children.

In this poem, Rev. Todd Jenkins expresses the need for hydration of body and soul.

In this poem, Rev. Todd Jenkins expresses our sense of loss and longing created by the pandemic. He says...Dust to dust —  or maybe germ to germ —  we trust you’ll hold  our pain in your strong  but tender palm.  And one day — sooner,  rather than later, pleas...

Rev. Todd Jenkins writes about our social distancing and longing for community in this poem which begins...Here we are, O God,  socially distanced  by a nefarious virus,  yet communally drawn together  by a mysterious thirst  for living water

In this poem, Rev. Todd Jenkins write about the importance of attending to God's presence in our current situation. Read on for more.