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Living Waters for the world mission teams have formed over 1,000 water partnerships! While their impact has been great, their ambitions have often been humble. Read on for a story about how Joanie Lukins and the Presbytery of Transylvania grew a 16-year ministry out...

Have you ever thought that your Living Waters story might be the one God has prepared someone to hear? Read on for more about how one team's story inspired another church to form their own water team.

What makes the difference between a temporarily enjoyable experience and a transformational one? Read on to learn how LWW's relationship with Camp Hopewell was a tipping point for the ministry and continues to support mission team training that has a lasting impac...

Patrick Jenkins, of Bethlehem Lutheran Church in Hickory, North Carolina, is a dedicated Living Waters for the World volunteer. Read on to learn how he got involved and why he keeps coming back.

What do a jazz ensemble and a water partnership have in common? Read on to learn how Director of Education Kendall Cox found inspiration in a Cuban jazz club.

We interviewed John Fleming to get the story on how he started volunteering with Living Waters for the World and why he has expanded his involvement over the years.

Sancti Spiritus Presbyterian Church in Cuba installed their Living Waters for the World system in 2012. We celebrate with them five years of operation and a generation of children who have had clean water since birth.

September 25, 2017

Poured and Shared - by Todd Jenkins In my neck of the woods,  afternoon thundershowers are a staple  on the summertime weather menu.  We plan our lives around them,  either devising a dry plan B,  or umbrella-ing our way  through the downpours.