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December 17, 2019

This poem by Rev. Todd Jenkins explores the heart of the Living Waters for the World ministry. He says: Mission has beckoned from earth’s four corners; water as God’s force no longer gives life and health freely. How can we share what we’re given so that everyone live...

Cantamayec, Mexico, is at the center of a mission partnership that spans from California to New Jersey to South Carolina. Read on to learn how God brought together four distant churches for the mission of sharing clean water, health education, and the love of Christ.

Percy Ayala's story exemplifies how God brings people together at just the right time. Read on to find out how Percy came to be part of LWW and how he continues to support water teams and Peruvian communities in sharing clean water.

From a young age, Jean Magee dreamed of serving in the mission field. Her church's Living Waters for the World ministry helped make that dream a reality. Read more to hear how Jean got started and why she stays involved.

I give and want to be sure I receive; not a second thought given to why I think it must always work this way. ...

How does First Presbyterian Church of Greenville, Mississippi fund their Living Waters for the World ministry? By throwing a great party! For the last thirteen years Mardi Gras Madness has brought their community together to help other communities have clean water....

Despite difficult roads, the lack of electricity, and no available sleeping quarters, a team from Advent Presbyterian of Cordova, TN and the Presbytery of Honduras partnered with El Horno, Comayagua Honduras to bring clean water to this remote community.

Transylvania Presbytery is a living testimonial to the fact that no church is too small to participate in a Living Waters for the World water team. Read more to learn how