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Pennington Presbyterian Church has a heightened appreciation for clean water. Read on to hear how their "year of water" increased their understanding of the global need and united their community in sharing clean water with God's children around the worl...

Living Waters for the world mission teams have formed over 1,000 water partnerships! While their impact has been great, their ambitions have often been humble. Read on for a story about how Joanie Lukins and the Presbytery of Transylvania grew a 16-year ministry out...

Water partners from Houston, Texas, and Nicolas Bravo, Mexico, recently proved that consistent communication between visits can make for an extraordinarily smooth system installation. Read on for more about their recent success.

After a water system is installed, it is up to the system operators to keep it running and serve the community. In this story, Joanie Lukins introduces us to Ignacio Ramon Vazquez Colli from Lerma, Yucatan, Mexico. Read on for more about Ignacio and his fifteen years...

Are we, "the church," still empowered to heal in the name of Jesus? In this post, staff member Jennifer Zehnder offers her response and the LWW partner stories that inspired it.

February 28, 2019

Bill Reed has been involved with Living Waters for the World since 2003 and volunteers in many ways. Read on to learn how he got involved, what makes him continue to serve, and the impact of LWW on his life.

The experience of being on an LWW water team can be life-changing. Read on for the story of one volunteer from Pennington, New Jersey, whose life was transformed by a partnership in Mexico.

Mary and Craig Romer of Huntsville, Alabama are a wonderful example of how Living Waters for the World is blessed with loyal, thoughtful donors who embody the belief that “together, we go far”. Read this article to see why the Romers continue to give.