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Living Waters for the World water teams have formed 1,000 water partnerships! Read on for more about the event held during Clean Water U to celebrate this amazing milestone.

Linwood Park sits on the picturesque shore of Lake Erie, an abundant source of fresh-water. Read on to learn how the community came together to share clean, fresh water with communities in Guatemala.

We give thanks for the volunteers who go where God leads them - be it near or far. Read on for Rick Johnson's story about why he recently traveled to El Chico, Guatemala, and how God has called him to serve.

God holds surprises even for seasoned water teams like the one from Grace Presbyterian Church in Plano, Texas. Read on to hear about the truly extraordinary participation of community members in Chaquijya, Guatemala during the installation of their LWW water system.

When Fuego erupted on June 3, 2018, many people were caught by surprise. But the men and women of Fire Station #2 in Jocotenango were prepared to help. Read on to learn how they rescued and served survivors of the natural disaster.

From a young age, Jean Magee dreamed of serving in the mission field. Her church's Living Waters for the World ministry helped make that dream a reality. Read more to hear how Jean got started and why she stays involved.

This Mother’s Day, we give thanks for mothers everywhere. In this story, Executive Director Steve Young tells of his visit with Gloria from Columba, Guatemala and extends an invitation to listen longer, beyond initial impressions and assumptions, to see more of the pe...

We interviewed John Fleming to get the story on how he started volunteering with Living Waters for the World and why he has expanded his involvement over the years.