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Let us lift our hearts in thanksgiving for the lives God has changed through the first 1,000 water partnerships! In this post, Steve Young shares several of their stories through video and audio clips.

Living Waters for the World water teams have formed 1,000 water partnerships! Read on for more about the event held during Clean Water U to celebrate this amazing milestone.

Living Waters for the world mission teams have formed over 1,000 water partnerships! While their impact has been great, their ambitions have often been humble. Read on for a story about how Joanie Lukins and the Presbytery of Transylvania grew a 16-year ministry out...

Have you ever thought that your Living Waters story might be the one God has prepared someone to hear? Read on for more about how one team's story inspired another church to form their own water team.

September 20, 2019

One thousand one,

one thousand two,

we’ll keep counting

and supporting you.

As the body

of Living Waters

for the World grows,

stretching networks

across the globe,

so does our desire

to organically expand

our training, equipping

and sustaining.

Generations and beyond,

when need and...

Jude Remarais had to drop out of school in the 10th grade when his parents could no longer afford his tuition. But that wasn't the end of Jude's schooling! Read on for more about how Jude turned clean water into a college education.

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